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Jennifer Carolyn King sent a kudo to Kimberly Masone 03.01.15

We did it!
• You're back on top as NMD!
• ED for me; who would have thought?!
• Three new Senior Directors, including two AUDI and one LEXUS earner.
• Multiple Double Ranks Ups!  ... More
Isabelle Finney sent a kudo to Jennifer 02.21.15
To Jennifer:
Here's to an amazing Day 1 with your Cabo team! You're a great leader and motivator!

Jennifer Carolyn King sent a kudo to Denise Dunning 02.18.15

Congratulations on your successful campaign to abolish child marriage in Malawai! You and your team did it. What a triumph!

Here's to all the little girls who will not be required to have ... More
Jennifer Carolyn King sent a kudo to Kimberly Masone 02.08.15
Happy Birthday, Kim!

I hope Tony gives you red hot kisses cuz you deserve them.

You have a team of partners who love and adore you. So very grateful for you. Can't wait to celebrate in Cabo!

Love ... More
Timothy Fredel sent a kudo to Pat Bailey 01.31.15
Wow! I love that you are featured in the March issue of 'Bicycling' on the topic of yoga for cyclists.

Jennifer Carolyn King sent a kudo to Marcella Kvick 01.29.15

Kudos to you!

One of the things I love about this team is that we celebrate our assets, especially those we work very, very hard to get or have. Rather than being jealous of one another we ... More
Jennifer Carolyn King sent a kudo to Lori Brooke 01.29.15

Kudos to you for presenting at last night's Market Party! You truly blow me away. I love your style. I love your delivery. I love your sense of humor. I love how I think "I hope she'll say ... More
Jennifer Carolyn King sent a kudo to Josh Adamson 01.27.15
Happy Birthday, Josh!

A tip of my hat to you. Can't wait to celebrate with you.

Love you very much.


Jennifer Carolyn King sent a kudo to Stacy Stewart 01.22.15
Happy 21st Anniversary of Your 29th Birthday!

May your day be full of love and surprises and rich with color...starting with this bouquet of flowers.

I love you!

Forever grateful for ou ... More
Jennifer Carolyn King sent a kudo to Fred Harrell 01.18.15
Happy Birthday, Fred!

Did I get it right? $51 to Grassroot Soccer to save lives in Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa in celebration of 51 years years of life? The bottom line, like GRS co-founders, ... More
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