Kudos to Select RE Pursuits ... from Kudos Trading Co.
Jennifer Carolyn King sent a kudo to Stacy Stewart 01.22.15
Happy 21st Anniversary of Your 29th Birthday!

May your day be full of love and surprises and rich with color...starting with this bouquet of flowers.

I love you!

Forever grateful for ou ... More
Jeff Spears sent a kudo to Beverly O'Day 03.19.14
Your tireless work blows me away daily!

Thank You
Matt Walker sent a kudo to Jennifer and Tim 02.27.14
Embarrassingly belated thank-you for a wonderful Valentine's soiree! You guys make everything so fun, and bring such a creative passion to all you do: your friendships, your business(es), and your ... More 
Jennifer Carolyn King sent a kudo to Kate Ligler 01.23.14
Kudos Kate!

Way to push us harder than I would EVER push myself.

So grateful for you. So proud to have the shift kicked out of us, today. I will now be eating a gluten-free Dynamo Donut free ... More
Jennifer Carolyn King sent a kudo to Josh Albert 01.16.14
Dear Josh,

Thank you for taking the Forbes Liberia Delegation on an adventure that has our hearts, minds & souls now forever in Liberia.

Thank you for all YOU have done and are doing as Countr ... More
Jennifer Carolyn King sent a kudo to Amy Walker 01.09.14
Happy Birthday, Amy!

I hope you are having a spectacular time in Hawaii with your two babes. When you return to San Francisco I would love to have a beautiful bouquet of Fleur*t flowers at your door ... More
Jennifer Carolyn King sent a kudo to Leila Seppa 12.12.13

It was a pleasure meeting you at CafĂ© Claude in The Marina. Thank you for your warm welcome. Kudos to you for seating us at your Chef's Table! What a delight. Our experience - both the  ... More
Jessica Schifrin sent a kudo to Jennifer King 10.13.13
Happy belated birthday Jen!!!! I'm sorry that I missed the actual day, however, I hope your whole year is filled with love, kindness, adventure, joy, growth, beauty and blessings!

You are  ... More
Jennifer Carolyn King sent a kudo to Ingrid Peterson 06.14.13

I would like to pack a few precious people in my suitcase. You are one of them!

I am so grateful to have you in my life. Thank you for your healing touch, your inspiring words, your ... More
Jennifer Carolyn King sent a kudo to Michael J Blewett 04.04.13
Booyah Michael!

Kudos to you for knowing EXACTLY how I like my latte. Thanks for your service with a smile...always!


jennifer carolyn king
rugged elegance, llc..the "s ... More
Jennifer Carolyn King sent a kudo to Karl Digerness 04.01.13
Kudos to you, Karl!

You are a master of soulful music.

"Love Victorious" needs to be formally recorded ~ if it hasn't been already. Please let me know how I can help. What an honor to get  ... More
Jennifer Carolyn King sent a kudo to Sarah Ahles 04.01.13
Happy Birthday, Sarah!

On a day like today a bit of color is called for in your life. Thank you for bringing color & creativity into our every week. We love you.


~Jen, Tim, Jessie, Niki ... More
Lori Brooke sent a kudo to Jennifer Carolyn King 02.14.13
Big hug and kisses to you and Tim on this special day for creating a great service to express kindness to others.
Sarah Ahles sent a kudo to Josey Baker 02.14.13
Dear Josey, Jeremy and
The Mill Team,

Happy Valentine's day and congratulations on your opening! We love your new space, fantastic coffee, and amazing bread!

On behalf of the Kudos Trading Co. team ... More
Lori Brooke sent a kudo to Catherine Brooke 02.14.13
Happy Valentine's Day sweet-cheeks. So proud of you. Enjoy.
Thuy Nguyen sent a kudo to Naomi Johnson 02.14.13
Dear Naomi,

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thank you for being such a fantastic volunteer at The Thrive House for Youth.

Your excitement, openness, and genuine care add so much positivity to our com ... More