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Female-empowering jewelry made possible by Francine LeFrak

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Francine LeFrak

New York, NY 



Same Sky AFRICA and Same Sky AMERICA weave empowerment into the lives of HIV+ previously raped women in Rwanda and previously incarcerated women in New Jersey. Thanks to founder, Francine LeFrak, a social entrepreneur who is passionate about offering a hand-up not a hand-out, these women are taught the craft of making crocheted, glass bead jewelry. The work of Same Sky's artisan jewelers are made available for sale in prominent shops in America, as well as online via and Francine LeFrak is a fair trade entrepreneur who buys the handmade glass beads from California. She ships the beads to New Jersey and Rwanda where they are turned into beautifully textured "rugged elegant" necklaces, bracelets and earrings. SAME SKY AFRICA SameSky AFRICA employs 120 women in Rwanda. Your purchase provides an HIV+ artisan with one year of healthcare. SAME SKY AMERICA Same Sky AMERICA now employs 20 previously incarcerated women in New Jersey ~ thanks to the opportunity Ms. LeFrak creates for those who would otherwise not stand a chance at getting a job, especially in America where 47 million people are currently unemployed. 85% of Same Sky's ex-prisoners are mothers. Thanks to Same Sky these women are learning a craft, becoming part a fair trade, building dignity at home, and are now giving back to the world in a positive way. Today, the artisans in New Jersey are even selling their Same Sky jewelry to shops from where they once stole. Ms. LeFrak is all about giving hope to women who once had no hope. She says, "We all need to give people a second chance. We all need reconciliation." 100% of all proceeds from the sale of SameSky's jewelry go back into purchasing more beautiful beads and employing more empowered women!

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