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RE Africa: Seven Countries, Seven Issues, Seven Success Stories


The mission of the Rugged Elegance Africa movement is to inspire our audience to travel to Africa with a greater, philanthropic purpose ~ not just to go on safari and experience the world's most extraordinary rugged elegant lodges and wildlife.

Our current inspiration: RuggedEleganceAfrica.org tells the story of one family's "greater purpose" journey. Our hope is to one day translate this online book into two tangible books that first address seven issues the family faced and the seven trusted organizations with whom they are partnering to create positive change. A second book, the family's travel journal, will introduce how they did it, with whom, and where they stayed throughout their two 3 week journeys, including some of the most "rugged elegant" safari lodges on the continent.

RuggedEleganceAfrica.org hopes to inspire other philanthropic people to share their stories so that other families around the world will consider going to Africa to do greater purpose work, not only to experience the animals and extraordinary lodges only found in this part of the world. This unique project is being created by Jennifer King and her family, who traveled to Africa in the Summers of 2007 and 2010. The King Fredel family intends to return to Africa with Soaring Safari's pilot & guide, Andrea Guerra, in 2016. In so doing, they hope to complete this chronicle designed to inspire other rugged elegant, philanthropic adventurers.

Until then, RuggedEleganceAfrica.org is where members of the RE network can see the creation of the book unfold.

Within the Rugged Elegance "soulful" network a PASSION conversation on this subject has been created where members can contribute their input re. the Africa pursuits, products, and other philanthropies that they would recommend including in the next adventure, and thus the completed book.

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Entrepreneurs. Children and families in need.