Kudos to Select RE Philanthropies ... from Kudos Trading Co.
Jennifer Carolyn King sent a kudo to Jeff Bostic 04.22.14
Thank you Jeff for the lovely LinkedIn endorsement!

Did you hear that Friends of The Children may be RE-opening in San Francisco? I talked with Duncan a couple of weeks ago. How do you ... More
Jennifer Carolyn King sent a kudo to Jenny Gregory 04.22.14
Dear Jenny,

Your energy last night was contagious! I love your style. I love your commitment to IJM. I am so grateful that you have joined our band wagon to spearhead social justice via this ... More
Jennifer Carolyn King sent a kudo to Liz Aleman 04.22.14

Congratulations! Last night at the Boom, Boom Room was nothing short of spectacular. Tim & I are so grateful that you, Jenny and Tom spearheaded such a fabulous fundraiser for IJM.

Kudos ... More
Jennifer Carolyn King sent a kudo to Dan Andersson 03.19.14
Happy Birthday, Marie!

What a gift you were to Jessie, me and Tim 17 years ago when you came into our lives! What a gift you continue to be to our whole family all these years later!

I am so ... More
Jennifer Carolyn King sent a kudo to Isabelle Finney 02.27.14
Dear Isabelle,

Tonight is the night I wish we had the IJM Kudo in place. If we did, I would have donated to IJM while singing your praises for inviting us to the Make A Stand event at Squa ... More
Jennifer Carolyn King sent a kudo to Tommy Clark & the GRS Team 02.13.14
Happy Valentine's Day, Tommy and the entire GRS team!

Your Valentine video is the bomb:


Total happiness. And love. And a ton of gratitude for your shout out.

At the end ... More
Jennifer Carolyn King sent a kudo to Mollie Poe and Declan Hickey 02.03.14
Dear Mollie and Declan,

It is a delight to say that we would HIGHLY recommend you to any and all of our friends should they choose to sell their home in San Francisco. You did a tremendous j ... More
Jennifer Carolyn King sent a kudo to Kate Ligler 01.23.14
Kudos Kate!

Way to push us harder than I would EVER push myself.

So grateful for you. So proud to have the shift kicked out of us, today. I will now be eating a gluten-free Dynamo Donut free ... More
Jennifer Carolyn King sent a kudo to Josh Albert 01.16.14
Dear Josh,

Thank you for taking the Forbes Liberia Delegation on an adventure that has our hearts, minds & souls now forever in Liberia.

Thank you for all YOU have done and are doing as Countr ... More
Matt Walker sent a kudo to Amy 01.11.14
My Sweet Bride-

Why let this taste of paradise end? Let's set the date for our next getaway - and no less than Valentine's Day! Tim and Jennifer have invited us to a wonderful evening of din ... More
Jennifer Carolyn King sent a kudo to Linda Hannawalt 12.08.13
Dear Linda,

You are a breath of fresh air! I love your attitude and your approach to making 120 quilts in 24 days. I can't wait to meet you!!

Do you know that our head pastor gave $100 to s ... More
Jennifer Carolyn King sent a kudo to Stefanie Lingle Beasley 12.08.13
Dear Stefanie,

Kudos to you! I love Gentry Magazine. Thank you for delivering it to Sea Cliff - not just the Bay Area.

Thanks to your Editor's Letter, I was inspired to locate Frank Smit ... More
Jennifer Carolyn King sent a kudo to Cynthia Bengier 12.07.13
Cynthia and Gary,

Every year, Tim and I look forward to coming to your Sea Cliff neighborhood holiday party. What a special tradition! Thank you. Last night, I especially enjoyed connecting  ... More
Jennifer Carolyn King sent a kudo to Stacy Stewart 11.22.13

What a gift you are to me!

You are far more than an aesthetician. You and your place provide a calm for me that is a place of respite away from my crazy, hectic life. You represent a ... More
Jennifer Carolyn King sent a kudo to Tamara White 11.20.13

Major thanks for traveling the distance across the Bay to be with us, last night, despite the rain!

Last night, I SO resonated with what you said about appreciating what Raj and Last Mil ... More
Jennifer Carolyn King sent a kudo to Bruce Gregory 11.20.13

Thank you for being a part of my celebration in honor of Dr. Raj Panjabi who is not just improving lives but saving lives!

Thank you for considering supporting Last Mile Health's efforts in ... More