Causes:Children, Youth, Human Rights, Poverty


Geographic Reach:
United States. Nicaragua.

Primary contact name:

P.O. Box 3437  
Littleton, CO 80161-3437

info@lovelightandmelody.org *Specific inquiries related to Brad Corrigan speaking or performing on behalf of LLM should be directed here as well.


Love, Light & Melody

live to serve

Love, Light & Melody, created by Brad Corrigan, battles the physical, emotional and spiritual affects of extreme poverty, fostering a deep sense of community and belonging by one simple principle: “moving in” and sharing in the life and struggles of those they seek to help. Love, Light & Melody believes in building vital, trusting relationships and earning the right to be heard first, and then seeks to unify these fractured communities through the universal language and healing power of the arts.

In each location, LLM hosts a Day of Light community event to celebrate and uplift the culture and lives of those they are dedicated to serving. This event, centered on music, mural paintings, dance, sports, photography, film, and food, helps to break down whatever social, political and language barriers may exist. The Day of Light also creates an invaluable opportunity for LLM to identify and partner with individuals native to the community, or organizations already on the ground, who are dedicated to meeting needs within the community. Only through humility, listening, and sharing in the lives of those they seek to serve can LLM truly understand, carry, and communicate their story.

Whether in the trash dump in Managua, Nicaragua, on the Lakota Pine Ridge Reservation in Oglala, South Dakota, or at the Sun Valley Youth Center in Denver, Colorado, LLM’s goals are to identify and meet the immediate physical needs, raise awareness through the arts about people with nothing, and fight social injustice by blurring the lines between those who have and those who have not…

Love, Light & Melody uses music and the arts to rebuild, restore and bring healing to communities ravaged by extreme poverty.

Who We Serve:

Love, Light & Melody uses creativity and the healing power of the arts to capture and expose stories of injustice and extreme poverty, holding to the light what is often hidden in darkness. Love, Light & Melody exists to unify communities in need and amplify their stories, believing for the emotional, physical and spiritual restoration of individuals enduring all forms of poverty.