Causes:Children, Youth, Faith-Based, Women


Geographic Reach:
Monrovia, Liberia

Primary contact name:
Rebecca Wreh



Love a Child Orphanage

33 girls. 5 boys. Raised & schooled by Rebeccah Wreh

Since March 4, 1998, the mission of Love a Child Orphanage has been to provide a nurturing home and quality education for Liberia's abandoned and orphaned children.

Who We Serve:

The West African country of Liberia has experienced two civil wars: 1989-1996 and 1999-2003. Since March 4, 1998, the Love A Child Orphanage has been housing and is now schooling abandoned and orphaned children who have lost their parents to the war. Love a Child's home is run by Rebecca Wreh and her husband. Adjacent to the home are classrooms ~ made possible by the Liberian Social Organization in the U.K. The Wrehs' school educates children from nursery school to ninth (9th) grade.

Today, Rebecca and her husband live at the orphanage in Monrovia, Liberia with 38 children; 33 girls and 5 boys.

On October 30th, 2013, eight members of the Forbes Liberia Delegation (FLD) visited the Love a Child Orphanage where they presented gifts and hundreds of dollars in cash to help feed the children. The members of the Forbes Liberia Delegation included FORBES editor, Randall Lane, Gates Foundation's Bridgitt Arnold, SAME SKY's Francine LeFrak, KRL International's Riva Levinson, the Philanthropic Research Institute's R.J. Shook and Charlie Johnston and The Rugged Elegance Foundation's Ron Kellum and Jennifer Carolyn King.

Charlie Johnston and R.J. Shook had been to the orphanage a few days prior to the arrival of the rest of the delegation. Johnson and Shook were so moved by the needs of the children and the outreach of love provided by the Wrehs that they encouraged everyone in the delegation to stop for a visit before leaving Liberia.

The Forbes Liberia Delegation along with Jennah Scott, President Sirleaf's program manager for The Liberia Philanthropy Secretariat, had the opportunity to visit both the classrooms and bedrooms of the children. In each bedroom there are 3-5 bunk beds.

Ron Kellum and Jennifer King, members of Rugged Elegance, the network of social entrepreneurs & philanthropists, arrived at the orphanage bearing gifts. Ms. King offered a brief geography lesson with a globe beach ball. During their short visit, Ms. King presented two dozen globe beach balls to the children along with clothing, solar-powered calculators, pens, coloring books, notebooks, two Nike soccer balls, frisbees, hundreds of bandaids, and other gifts brought from San Francisco.

Randall Lane, who hosted the three-day delegation to Liberia, presented Mrs. Wreh with hundreds of dollars in cash - personal dollars from each of the delegates - for nutrition for the children.

The Forbes Liberia Delegation was greatly impacted by both the poverty and the wealth of Liberia. Mrs. Wreh's efforts to raise and teach 38 children was one of the most significant examples of wealth in the country.

The delegation's journey to this country lasted no more than 70 hours. However, the imprint that was left inside the members' heads and hearts will last a lifetime. The delegation (who resides in New York City, Boca Raton, Florida, Boston, Massachusetts, San Francisco & Los Angeles, California, Seattle, Washington and Washington D.C.) continue to be in communication with one another, since their return to the states. Efforts to reach out to the delegates' local philanthropic communities for additional support are underway. Mrs. Wreh and her husband can not do it alone. They need our help!

In San Francisco, 47 quilts were made for the children and the Wreh's staff in time to be presented on Valentine's Day 2014.

In Los Angeles and San Francisco, an 'RE Presents..." multimedia production is underway that will help tell the stories of impactful and inspiring women around the world, including President Sirleaf and Rebecca Wreh.

In Boca Raton, Mr. Johnson and Mr. Shook reached out to their local paper, The Sentinel, to garner the support of their greater Florida community.

In New York City, Mr. Lane returned to FORBES Magazine to report on the entrepreneurial and philanthropic efforts taking place in the city of Monrovia, the villages served by Last Mile Health in the rural rain forest, and the 3,000 entrepreneurs country-wide served by Building Markets. His delegation's three days in "Liberia and Beyond!" was published in Forbes' 2013 Philanthropy issue.

The goal is to provide love and care to these children in the form of cash for nutrition, books, clothing, shoes, toys and bedding.

Items needed are:

- monetary donations (school fees, bills, etc.)
- nonperishable food items
- clothes (ages 5-18)
- socks
- shoes (sandals, tennis shoes, rain boots)

- soap
- toilet paper
- toothbrushes/toothpaste
- towels
- pillows
- sheets
- blankets
- comforters
- stuffed animals

- supplies: pens, pencils, notebooks
- backpacks (ideally non-gender specific)
- books (general reading; most children are learning or know English)
- crayons/coloring pencils/coloring books
- markers
- toys
- games
- bubbles
- stickers
- jump ropes
- balls: soccer, basketball, volleyball
- air pump for the balls

The cost of the fabric for one quilt is $75-$100. To contribute to the cost of the 47 quilts on their way now to Liberia, send a THRIVE Kudo to someone you appreciate:

On October 30th, 2013, one of the children pulled Ms. Bridgitt Arnold aside and asked, "Does anybody love me?"

The Forbes Liberia Delegation and Rebecca Wreh need your help to respond with a resolute, "Yes!"

Please contact Rebeccah or Jennah Scott ( @MsJennahScott ) to organize the shipment of your gifts / donations.