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Endometriosis Foundation of America (EFA)

co-founded by Padma Lakshmi & Tamer Seckin, MD

The Endometriosis Foundation of America (EFA) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization focused on fighting against the devastating effects of a painful disease affecting 176 million women and adolescent girls around the globe. Through increased awareness, education, research, and legislative advocacy, the EFA is committed to improving lives through early detection and treatment.

The EFA hosts an annual medical conference and the annual "Blossom Ball" in New York City. On March 11th, 2013, nearly 500 endometriosis doctors, patients, philanthropists, celebrities and the media brought further awareness to this devastating disease while recognizing a number of leaders in the field.

Co-founders, Padma Lakshmi & Tamer Seckin, MD hosted the fifth annual event together with Co-Chair, Susan Sarandon.

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As of February 2013, the EFA is searching for an Executive Director ...


Who We Serve:

Women and adolescent girls who suffer from "the bloody disease" endometriosis.

EFA Executive Board of Directors

Tamer Seckin, MD*
Padma Lakshmi*
Jennifer M. Hieber*
Kim Bendheim

* Founding Board Member

Goals and Recent Activities

Since the Endometriosis Foundation of America was founded, the EFA has enjoyed several strides in endometriosis research and awareness; their goals and recent activities include, but are not limited to:

• Launched the Center for Gynepathology Research, based within the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology School of Engineering, in partnership with Dr. Linda Griffith, Ph.D.; in addition to our ongoing research collaboration with Dr. Griffith and her leading biologists and clinicians to achieve advances in the physiology and pathophysiology of the female reproductive tract, a particular emphasis of the new Center is "biological engineering' - an innovatory area of research intended to promote advances in understanding endometriosis etiology and progression;

• Continuing extensive outreach and education efforts in order to promote early diagnosis and effective intervention, with a particular emphasis among young women; to that end, they are continuing to tour campuses and work towards increased awareness among the lay and student populations;

• Striving towards the establishment of multiple Centers for Excellence for the care and treatment of endometriosis based on gold standard laparoscopic excision surgery techniques and treatment advances;

• Disseminating their educational materials and providing patient advocacy;

• Executing scientific and educational events designed to promote dialogue and progress in disease understanding and treatment;

• Developing, in conjunction with MIT and others, a central repository in which patients can share their struggles and inspirations in order to facilitate a sense of community among patients and caregivers;

• Making significant strides in raising the media’s awareness of endometriosis ~ in part, via the annual "Blossom Ball" in New York City;

• Entering into a preliminary collaboration to launch an endometriosis research and treatment facility at the esteemed Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City.

The EFA does not provide medical advice or specific doctor referrals, but they will try to guide you to helpful sites and resources for further information.

One such resource is the (non-EFA) resource by the Endometriosis Research Center, which hosts a doctor exchange between patients at http://erc.activeboard.com.

Other doctor referral resources can be found on the following web pages:

http://www.angryuterus.com - Click on "Top Doctors"