Causes:Environment, Neighborhood Issues


Primary contact name:
Maureen Blanc

Primary contact phone:

San Francisco, CA



Charge Across Town

An education campaign to raise awareness about the feasibility of Electric Vehicles ownership

CHARGE ACROSS TOWN is an innovative environmental program to advance the adoption of electric vehicles (EV’s), reduce carbon emissions from the transportation sector, and help create clean energy jobs in California and beyond.

CHARGE ACROSS TOWN is a public-private partnership with city government, local business communities and the EV sector to raise awareness and educate consumers on the benefits, costs and feasibility of owning an electric car. It also advances the EV infrastructure by educating commercial and residential property owners on the costs and installation of EV charging stations.

CHARGE ACROSS TOWN is a marketing and educational campaign targeted at consumers that will feature hands-on demonstrations of electric vehicles and charging stations, along with consumer-friendly information on what it takes to become an EV owner. The campaign is managed by expert marketing and communications professionals with over 40 years of combined experience in the public, not-for-profit and business sectors.

Who We Serve:

The CHARGE ACROSS TOWN campaign will roll out over the next twelve months, initially focused on the San Francisco bay area, and will then scale to a national campaign. The campaign will raise funds (to offset budget deficits) for local city governments towards the promotion of clean energy and zero emissions vehicles.