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Cambridge, MA 02142



ALS Therapy Development Institute

The World's Most Advanced Research Laboratory Dedicated to ALS

Our mission is to discover, develop and deliver effective treatments that slow and stop ALS. To do so, we built the world's first brick-and-mortar "nonprofit biotech". Inspired and led by patients today, we are guided by the values of openness, truth and entrepreneurship in our mission to end ALS.

Who We Serve:

We envision a future where patients no longer die from ALS and where today's patients are alive, well, and enjoying the company of their children and grandchildren.

We envision a future where treatments are developed for diseases based on their ability to save and improve human lives, not their potential to make profit. In this future we envision a Center where research science is re-connected to patients by bringing together patients, doctors, and researchers to openly share their findings, knowledge, and insight, and where that information is made available to the world. We envision a future where this model has expanded and changed the healthcare system into one that strives and succeeds at effectively seeking treatments for all diseases.