About Rugged Elegance
Welcome to the world of Rugged Elegance, a private "soulful" network of the most rugged elegant social entrepreneurs in the world. We passionately call ourselves "REbels with a Cause."

RE philanthropists are healthy, adventuresome, soulful people who give their time, expertise, and resources, as well as their money.

The mission of our greater purpose community is to inspire "h.a.s. magic" (h.a.s. = healthy, adventuresome, soulful) living and smarter philanthropic giving.

Five of the ways members inspire one another is to promote secret rugged elegant products and places, as well as REcommended pursuits, passions and favorite vetted philanthropies.

The public at-large has a window into the World of Rugged Elegance via www.ruggedelegance.com.

If you are not currently a member of Rugged Elegance, but you inspire h.a.s. magic (healthy, adventuresome, soulful) living, send a photo of yourself and your birthdate to inspire@ruggedelegance.com, along with your current inspirations:

a "h.a.s. magic" person who inspires you
a "rugged elegant" product*
one or more of your passions
a secret rugged elegant place* (hotel, restaurant, shop, service, online resource) that you are willing to share with the network & our public audience
a rugged elegant pursuit* (e.g. "healthy living," "adventuresome living," "soulful living")
and a vetted philanthropy for which you give your money, as well as your time, resources, and/or expertise.

Upon receipt, Rugged Elegance will review your information for membership.

*Rugged Elegance is both an aesthetic, a way of life and a smart way of greater purpose giving. See current RE Philanthropies for inspiration.

One hundred percent (100%) of the profits earned from select Rugged Elegance PRODUCT sales go each year to maintain the network and to support our members' top twelve philanthropies.

All rugged elegant places, pursuits, products and philanthropies are selected exclusively by our members.

Rugged Elegance ... the soulful network was launched coast-to-coast in the autumn/winter of 2009 in Kennebunkport, Maine and Napa, California. Membership is currently focused on the most rugged elegant people on the west and east coasts of America. In addition, the network has REbels with a Cause in Italy, France, Sweden and Africa.

Rugged Elegance LLC, founded by Jennifer Carolyn King and Timothy Fredel in 2003, is a network of social entrepreneurs (aka REbels with a Cause) whose aim is to inspire healthy, adventuresome and soulful living and smarter philanthropic giving. Today (as of Spring 2013), the assets of the network are owned by The Rugged Elegance Foundation.